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Labor Union Representation

The Myers Law Group, APC. represents both private and public sector labor unions throughout Southern California. This representation includes all aspects of union representation including organizing, contract negotiations, contract enforcement, internal union governance and defending labor organizations in duty of fair representation cases.

The Myers Law Group, APC will assist you in determining what is the best strategy in light of the union’s objectives, resources, and the facts of each case. The Myers Law Group, APC is always excited to assist new union clients, so please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss how the Myers Law Group can assist you and your members.

As a commitment to the labor movement, The Myers Law Group, APC provides for free of charge training on various topics to its union clients in the belief that an educated labor movement is a strong labor movement. The trainings are tailored based on each client’s needs and can range from one hour trainings to full day seminars.

The trainings, which are taught by both Mr. Stern and Mr. Myers, are not only educational but also taught using an interactive model to insure that the students are engaged throughout the entire training. Mr. Stern who routinely ranks as one of the highest rated lecturers at Los Angeles Trade Tech’s Labor Studies Program delivers his depth of experience and knowledge in a fun and upbeat manner that your members are sure to enjoy.

Please contact The Myers Law Group to set up a training, whether just for your union stewards or the entire membership, on a wide variety of topics. In addition, if you are looking for experienced labor attorneys to represent your labor union please contact Adam Stern, the firm’s Chair of Traditional Labor Representation.