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5 Thomas Carney via 

Called me back and gave some good advice. Thank you Dave.

5 Morgan Good via 

5 Jeremy Riley via 

Great attorneys great working with great and fast workers

5 Kris Clark via 

Dave is a great guy. Very knowledgeable and knows the business well. I highly recommend him as the most professional in his field. Thanks Dave!

5 The John Jeremiah Group TJJG media via 

Very professional legal clerk he made a great attempt at answering my questions.

5 Jessica V via 

Highly recommend, they helped me so much. Ann is a wonderful attorney!!!

5 Erendira Morales via 

The Myers law group was awesome and the the staff was efficient and responsive in dealing with my case. I will recommend the Myers Law Group.

5 Ken Fretter via 

I had some issues with my employer. I called a couple of law firms. Some called back and some did not. When David Myers returned my call I found him to be down to earth and personable. He was cognitive about my issues and his knowledge of Labor Law was exemplary. My issues were addressed and handled to my satisfaction. I will recommend David Myers and his law group to anyone who asks. Thank you David

5 Omar Medina via lawyers dot com

Labor and EmploymentHe is prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, thorough and caring. A true professional.

5 Omar Medina via 

They are very professional .. and do their best at the cases presented to them.

5 edentulate1 via 

David Myers was very prompt and helpful in handling my legal concerns.

5 Sole Practitioner via lawyers dot com

Employment DiscriminationRefreshingly humble, David simply gets great results for his clients.

5 Kristian Castellanos via 

Called in for some guidance on a work related employment question. Was very satisfied and happy I contacted this law firm!

5 Lezlee via 

David Myers helped turn my difficult time into a positive outcome with his professionalism and wonderful advice.

5 Koa G. via 

The Meyers Law Group is definitely the lawyer’s you want. We got absolutely misguided by another attorney firm and Maria helped us out and got us taken care of. Maria will take the time to completely understand your case and her knowledge is well beyond the many firms we sat with.Do not! I repeat, Do not! Use another firm without talking to The Meyers Law Group first.Thank you Maria for getting us the results we were expecting.

5 ruggio ruggione via 

I contacted the MLG law group for a specific question because upon reading up on the firm I had noticed their extensive experience in the field that I was specifically inquiring about.Attorney Mr. Myers upon examining my concernand the subject matter at hand extended his supreme curtesy to inform me of his interpretation of such matter, and therefore wisely making suggestions for me to actually understand what could the real consequences be for me should I proceed to just sign a document extended to me by a panel of attorneys from my workplace ( YES ! from my workplace) to trap me with trouble.It is advise like this that is invaluable, when in life an unfortunate occasion crawls up upon you demanding a signature by means of praying on the unsuspecting person to fall pray by signing such cleverly crafted legal document with menacing intentions.Therefore as I have in great extent illustrated it is very challenging to find legal advise backed with so much experience in the specific field when you need it.For this I am very greatful to MLG Myers Law Group.Cause at the end of each day it is peaceful sleep that we all seek.signedsaved from being a victim

5 Sherry via 

David Myers was my lawyer, and I found him to be fair and effective. It was a great experience for me having never before been involved in a lawsuit. He was clearly my advocate and stood up for me when I was unable to do it for myself. Our case was resolved, and I was very satisfied with the resolution. In fact, the whole staff in his office was kind, friendly, and considerate.

5 Joaquin R. via 

After a few days looking for a lawyer. I found the Myers Law group on a web search.I highly recommend this firm. Everyone at the Rancho office is friendly and courteous, there was always someone there to help me.My initial meeting was with David Myers; he’s very friendly and answered all my questions.Ann Hendrix was my lead attorney who I can’t praise enough. She always put me at ease.Jason Hatcher was also great during my case, he was always there to answer all my questions, no matter how insignificant it may have been.

5 Paul E L via 

Dave Myers and his firm is great. They do a great job at workers comp and discrimination. I would highly recommend him.

5 Agha via 

David has always provided exceptional consultation that has benefited me professionally at work, and has helped me understand my rights working for the Hospitality industry. I highly recommend him. His friendly approach makes it easy for me to share and have a conversation with him.

5 Jason Boutin via 

Have used Myers Law Group for years. Always get sound legal advice and professional service.

5 Jason via 

I regularly consult Dave for legal advice over the past 8 years. His advice is always well thought out, insightful and of great assistance. I highly recommend him.

5 Jessica Duenas via 

Highly recommend

5 anonymous via 

I have hired David Myers for 2 cases. The first was a wrongful termination based on my request for a reasonable accommodation under ADA law. The second case involved an employer who reneged on a written job offer/acceptance. In both cases, David was knowledgeable about the laws, presented the case well, and was supportive of me. We prevailed on both cases. I would recommend David without hesitation.

5 Jamie Stoffel via 

I will highly recommend the Myers law group to everyone in need of legal representation…the are very professional and keep you well informed throughout the entire process of your case….the entire staff is amazing

5 Robin via 

I will state that Mr. Crane had to take over my case from a previous lawyer. Mr. Crane was extremely good at communicating, would respond to e-mails and telephone calls in a timely fashion. He kept me abreast of what was transpiring with my case.

5 Matt P via 

The Myers law group, by far is the best set of knowledgeable attorneys to help you through your claim. Being that it was my first case that I had ever gone through when I contacted The Myers Law Group, everybody in the office was so helpful so knowledgeable. They were extremely fast with the whole process, as well as ensuring I got the best medical treatment. They kept me in the loop with everything and up-to-date with the future of my case. They really take the time to fully understand your situation so that they know what route they can best help you. I recommend The Myers Law Group to family friends and anybody ensuring that they get a good legal defense. They truly keep your best interest in mind and go above and beyond.Thank you, David Myers and all who helped

5 maureen via 

He was prompt, professional, informed, prepared, and very personable and caring. He looked me right in the eye and discussed any questions I had without being condescending ever. Please let him know how much I appreciated his participation in my case.

5 Count Dante via 

I asked a trusted friend if she could put me in touch with a good lawyer – as in a good person that practices law – to handle my claim. She directed me towards Dave Meyers. Rest assured, capital “G” for Great job pursuing my settlement and doing the right thing all the way through the process. When something hits you like a brick but is redirected into a blessing, it possibly transcends man’s law. Jah Bless. A special thanks to Alvin Ferrara for taking care of the specifics. Highly Recommended.

5 anonymous via 

Jack worked on my employment case and did a great job. He was kind in explaining the process in detail, always making time for me, and doing everything he could to get me the best deal possible. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

5 Sherry U. via 

David Myers was my lawyer, and I found him to be fair and effective. It was a great experience for me having never before been involved in a lawsuit. He was clearly my advocate and stood up for me when I was unable to do it for myself. Our case was resolved, and I was very satisfied with the resolution. In fact, the whole staff in his office was kind, friendly, and considerate. I highly recommend him.

5 Robert Curtis via 

The Myers Law Group is simply one of the best law firms at helping victims of employment discrimination in all of Southern California. The lawyers of the Myers Law Group are skilled advocates with a true passion for representing employees. If you are a victim in your workplace and need advice or a strong advocate for your rights, these are the lawyers you should choose.

5 Sole Practitioner via lawyers dot com

Employment LitigationDave Myers is a terrific attorney. He and I have worked together on cases, including a large class action. I know that he tries cases and has obtained the following outstanding results in litigation:$2,300,000 Jury Verdict in Individual Retaliation$1,100,000 Against Employer who Used Layoff as Pretext for Retaliation$1,200,000 for Public School Administrator who was retaliated against refusing to go along with an unlawful scheme$2,500,000 off the clock work, overtime, meal & rest breaks.

5 Bill Makler via 

Close family members and friends have used the legal services of Myers Law Group. They are top notch.

5 Andrew Bozanich via 

It’s good to know that when you need someone to represent you in what can be a life changing event there is a group that gives you the extra attention. I would highly recommend the Myers Law Group.

5 Sole Practitioner via lawyers dot com

Employment Discrimination5 Daniel Sanchez via Mr. Myers helped me with all my questions. I would recommend him for all employment issues.

5 Sanford Horowitz Criminal Defense via 

I’ve used the Myers Law Group on a specific matter, and I was more than happy with the result. If I ever need an employment law attorney, Dave and his staff are on the top of my list.

5 81s via 

Treats every client the same. From major cases, to single clients you will always be treated with the utmost respect there. Jason Hatcher is amazing, and will definitely fight for you. Lot of bite, and not just bark. Thanks for EVERYTHING Myers Law Group…

5 beryl artan via 

I had a consultation with him. He didn’t take my case but give me valid recommendations. I would recommend him.

5 Ricardo Ramirez via 

I must say after speaking with Mr.Myers he resolved the issue I had without hesitation. He’s is completely up front and honest, It’s hard too find a person in any field that is but he is without a doubt. Recommend him if you need law services.

5 Patricia Hamaker via 

Mr. Myers and his staff very attentive and professional I definitely recommend him. Thank you Mr. Myers for personally returning my call.

5 Mz. D via 

It’s after hours and I just called the office expecting to leave a voicemail. Much to my surprise, Mr. Myers answered my call. While on his drive, he asked me about the details of my complaint. He listened to my concerns and gave me what I consider to be professional and sound feedback. I would definitely call him back should the conditions at my workplace worsen or escalate.

5 Daniel Sanchez via 

Mr. Myers and his staff are great. They answered all my questions. I would recommend them without hesitation.

5 Nicole Bennett via 

We have recommended Myers law group too several people. They their clients great, & we have never been let down.

5 Jesus valdez carranza via 

Thank you to Jack Tomberlin, Ann Hendrix, and David Myers. Also the staff. I truly enjoyed a very polite and profesional law group that trully know the meaning of (Justice For All). A most sincere Thank you. Great Job.

5 Jacob Johnson via 

Hi, I am a disabled veteran who was terminated unlawfully. I contacted the Myers law group, about my case. David Meyers personal contacted me about my case!Thank you,Jacob A Johnson

5 Andrew Bozanich via 

Mr. Myers’ ability to remove doubt and concern was refreshing a needed boost during the unique and stressful situation of taking legal action.

5 Charles Lewis via 

They get down to business. Very professional…

5 ghassan zantout via 

Great people.

5 John Tomberlin via 


5 Harry Favor via 


5 Scott Taylor via


5 Jeff Dingwall via