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Available Damages in a Wrongful Termination Case

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What types of damages are available in a wrongful termination case?


Last month we were trying a case in San Bernardino Superior Court, and in that case we were seeking specific damages. The reality is, for most of our cases, we’re seeking very similar, if not the same, damages. In a wrongful termination case, those damages are typically characterized in these categories. One, emotional distress. What was the emotional distress of losing the job? What impact did it have on your daily life, your monthly life? The sleepless nights, the anger, the frustration, the self-doubt – all of those issues are part of your emotional distress, and we ask a jury to compensate you for that. It’s not exactly clear as to what that is, but we do ask the jury to put a dollar figure on that. That includes both past emotional distress, and we also ask them about future emotional distress. The impact that the termination had on you or will have on you in the future is called future emotional distress. In the same wayAvailable Damages in a Wrongful Termination Case that we ask for emotional distress, we also ask for back wages and front wages. This economic award basically says that you used to make X, and now you make Y, and that the difference is what you’re entitled to. You used to have healthcare or health insurance, you used to have vacation, you used to have all these other benefits that you no longer have. Maybe by the grace of God, you found a new position that pays better, but it took you six months to find that job. You’re entitled to that wage loss of those six months. Again, you’re entitled to that emotional distress for not having that job for the six months and the uncertainty that caused. Depending on the type of employer, we also seek punitive damages, an award to punish the employer to make sure that they don’t do that again. Lastly, if we’re successful at trial, we’ll also bring a motion for attorneys’ fees and costs, basically saying that you shouldn’t have to pay for attorneys’ fees and costs, that that should be borne by the employer. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated and you want to have a conversation as to what damages are available if you bring a lawsuit, I’m always happy to discuss those issues with you. If you have any questions, feel free to give the firm a call and we can discuss. Thank you.

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