Getting Workers Compensation Benefits

Did you suffer a severe injury at work? We can help with getting workers compensation benefits. Give this a read then give us a call to get a free consultation.

Medical Benefits

As mentioned, you can receive compensation for medical expenses. It goes beyond an initial hospital visit. If you need treatment for an injury you got at work for an extended period of time, that can be compensated. In order to get this benefit, you have to be able to show that it is necessary to treat your workplace injury. The insurance company does have the ability to say they won’t cover the treatment if they don’t think you need it. You can appeal this decision.

The list of medical benefits are:

  • Medical treatments
  • Costs of prescriptions
  • Injury-related travel expenses

Getting Workers Compensation BenefitsYou may get an additional one-time compensation award for scarring and disfigurement if it is in visible locations such as the hands, neck, or face. This would be added on to your medical and disability compensation.

In instances where you’ve lost a loved one to a workplace accident, you may file a wrongful death claim with a California workers’ compensation lawyer. It is a terrible thing to go through. You want to be sure you choose the right lawyer to guide you through it. Workplace accident wrongful death claims can be tricky, so having a lawyer on your side who deals with these types of cases is a good idea.

Applying for Workers’ Comp in California

The whole thing starts with your accident or incident. You’re hurt and you need medical attention. Before you do anything, you have to report your claim to your employer and then seek medical attention. That has to be done before you can even think of filing a claim. Your accident report and medical treatment are the basis of a claim.

Be sure you get a copy of the accident report that your employer generated. You want to have that for your records. You can also tell your employer or supervisor about your injury through a written document, which you also want a hard copy of for your records.

You are on a timeline here, so act quickly with everything you do. You don’t want to wait to seek medical care, as your injuries could get worse. No one wants to be in pain, let alone have pain get worse. Be sure to get your treatment right away.

To get fair treatment in a claim, you have to be sure you have the right California workers’ compensation lawyers representing your claim. These cases are tricky and insurance companies try to save themselves money by denying claims all the time. In order to get the benefits you deserve, you want a fierce advocate.

We can help with getting workers compensation benefits for your case. Give us a call right away to set up your free initial consultation.

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