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Settling an Employment Law Claim Before Trial

Many clients are concerned with settling an employment law claim before trial. Our experienced California attorneys will always make sure you are prepared.


Will my employment law case settle before trial?


At the firm, I think I can divide my clients up into two groups. The first group is ready to go to trial, ready to take time off and try the case. They are ready to tell their story to a jury. The other groups of clients want their story to be heard, but they don’t need for a jury to actually return a decision. What they want to do is make sure that their story is told to the employer, that the record is set straight, and that the employer is held accountable for what happened to them and the damage that was caused. For these clients, they’re happy with telling their story, resolving their case, and settling their case. The Settling an Employment Law Claim Before Trialreality is that even for those that are in the first group, they want to try their case, they want their story to be told, but they’re also okay with ultimately resolving the case because a lot of cases do so – not all cases, but a lot of cases do so. The reality is if you bring a lawsuit, a lot of these cases settle, so you don’t have to be committed to actually taking the case all the way to trial. I will say what’s important is for you to make sure that you find a firm that are actually litigators and can actually take the case to trial, so if push comes to shove, the case can be tried. Of course, that decision as to whether or not we try the case would always be up to the client – is that what they want to do? It’s really important for the other side to know that the case can settle on terms that we are okay with or that the employee has hired a firm that will try the case. That ultimately will drive settlement up. The fear of litigation will ultimately drive the settlements up because the employer wants peace of mind. If you believe that you’ve been wronged here in California by your employer, and you want to know whether or not if you brought a suit how far you would have to take that suit and whether or not settlement would be a viable option for you, I encourage you to talk to a law firm, especially one that practices employment law. If that’s this firm, that’s great. Give us a call, and I’m happy to walk you through those issues. I wish you the best and look forward to talking to you.

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